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Winning at Slots

How to Win at Slots - What you need to know

Have you ever wondered what the best video slots to play are? The answer to this question is not a simple as appears, with most people generally suggesting slots they prefer or ones that they had a big win on. While this can give some indication of what games to play for those new to playing slots, the reality is it is not the individual game or theme of the game that dictates whether it will provide you with a higher than expected win, but it is more to do with what the game offers. This is not simply limited to its bonus features, but also relates to the amount you can wager, the coin value, the payout that are offered for particular wins, its theme, how many lines and reels, if it is a branded slot and whether it offers a progressive jackpot.

Understanding how each affects your overall experience and what it means for your gameplay, can really impact your success when playing slots of any kind. As you read through this article it is our hope that you will gain a better understanding of what to consider when selecting a video slot. Ultimately, it is important to remember that all slots are games of chance, and thereby can result in a loss, but using some tips and understanding more about the game and how it is designed will have an impact over the long term and will increase your profitability.


Understanding Slot Machines and How They Differ

As we have mentioned, there are different subtleties with slots, and these can and do have a bearing. First and foremost, take time to carefully review any slot you may not be familiar with. Read the paytable, look at the payouts for the different paying combinations each offers, look in detail and understand the bonus features such as how the wild symbol works, does it expand, are there multiple wilds, do they include a multiplier when joining a winning combination? Today’s slots are highly advanced and include a vast number of bonus features that are designed to increase the player experience but not all are equal and many of their benefits are limited providing less than impressive wins. Below we have identified each and whether they are beneficial or if you should pass on games with those features:

Wild Symbols: Wild symbol have a great benefit period. They substitute for other symbols and will allow for an increased number of wins, often on multiple paylines due to wilds often being offered on all reels. In some cases, a slot will include different variations of a wild symbol and attach multipliers to wins resulting from the wild symbol or will add unique features such as having sticky wilds (these remaining in position on reels for a predetermined number of spins or during free spins for example), or may shift in positon as well as other variations. As most video slots offer a wild symbol, passing on those that do is not a wise choice and will greatly reduce the options you have for finding a game to enjoy.

Multipliers: Multipliers are a great aspect to a slot machine and should be noted when viewing paytables. Multipliers can be randomly applied or will be included with a particular symbol or bonus feature. Most commonly, they are attached to a wild symbol or free spins. Definantly a valuable asset with any slot.

Bonus Games: These come in many shapes, sizes and forms and to simply state whether they are valuable is near impossible. What is needed is to carefully determine their advantages in so far as how many coins can you win, do they lead to additional bonus games such as free spins etc. If they value of coins that can be won is small, consider passing as bonus games tend to take time to trigger and if they payouts are anticipated to be low, you may wish to pass and move on.

Branded Slots: The general rule with these is to keep moving. It is easy to get wrapped up with these games if you are a fan of a particular movie or television show, but remember, with a branded slot you are essentially paying royalties and as a result, the size of wins and the amount of wins you will experience will generally be less, if not outright poor.

Scatters: These are common with most slots and have value on a number of levels. First, they can trigger other game features, most commonly free spins, but also award scatter wins, with those being based on your total bet. They allow you to maintain your bankroll until you trigger the higher paying features.

Progressive Jackpot Slots:  While progressives can offer a life changing win, it is important to remember that a percentage of each spin played goes towards increasing the jackpot and as such, the amount of wins tend to be fewer than those not offering a progressive jackpot. While todays slots of this nature include many added Bonus features, they still can pay less. If you decide to play a progressive, look for those that allow you to qualify for the jackpot with a minimum bet, and those that offer randomly awarded jackpots. This ensures your risk is reduced but the potential gain is high.


Online Slots Tips

There are a number of tips that can be applied to playing slots, but realize this, they are100% games of chance and it is irrelevant what videos you watch or books that claim they have the answer, they simply do not. All slots operate with the use of a random number generator that provides 100 results per second and to believe rubbing the machine, praying to the gods or applying strategy will affect your winning percentage is simply lying to yourself. However, applying some techniques in how you play can improve the overall results you experience.

Here are a few to consider:

  • Determine the amount of your bankroll and stick to it. Use the “Two pocket system”. This means you have your bankroll in one pocket, and any winnings you achieve go into your other pocket. Once the bankroll pocket is empty, leave the casino! This will help you leave with money in your pocket that can be used the next time you deposit with the casino or to buy yourself something nice.


  • Play slots with a midrange variance. These tend to provide the best odds in so far as larger wins, this is in part due to the fact they have a decent variety of bonus features but also have a mid-range value to payouts with the various win combinations they feature.
  • Limit the amount of time you play for. Set that time and stick to it, if you decide you will play for an hour, do so and then call it a session.


  • Employ a pattern to how you play by changing the amounts per spin. Do not always play max bet or lowest bet, change it up however play all possible paylines to avoid the possibility of a lost big win.


  • Do not rush your play, take your time, pinning like mad will not increase your wins, it will simply deplete your bankroll if wins are not falling onto the reels.


  • Only spend what you can afford to lose, and do not deposit with a casino with the belief you will win! Play for fun, when it is no longer fun, it is time to stop and call it a day!