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Slot Tournaments

Online Slots Tournaments

Online slot tournaments is an excellent way to play slots and enjoy competition with others. Online casinos provide a low cost fee to enter and participate and win cash prizes or in some cases prizes such as the latest gadget, trip or entry into a larger higher valued tournament.  There are many advantages to joining and playing and as you read through this article, those will be explained to help you realize the potential a slot tournament can provide you, not only from an entertainment perspective but also from a bankroll one. 

There are several ways to join a tournament. All will be clearly identified and listed within a schedule that can be viewed under the “Tournament” section of the casino software. The first are those that are scheduled and will consist of daily events, weekly and monthly events. These will range in buy-in value, with the low end of those featured starting at $1 and progressing to $25, the higher buy-in games offer substantially larger cash prize pools, so for those with larger bankrolls, these should be considered.

The next are identified as Sit’n’go events. They will allow a maximum number of entrants, and once the pre-requisite number have registered, the tournament will begin. As a rule, they tend to offer a reduced prize pool and often have lower entrance fees, however, they can offer great entertainment value and contribute to building your bankroll. For those with a lower bankroll, they are ideal as they allow for longer gameplay and the potential to increase your winnings.

In order to register for a tournament, visit the game lobby, click on the event you wish to register for, and then click the “join” button. This will register you for the tourney and will also provide you with information about the length of the tourney, the prize pool distribution and if rebuys are permitted, and if so, how many you times you may rebuy or if there are unlimited re-buys offered. With rebuy tournaments, the more buy-ins purchased by those registered, the larger the prize pool will become, so these are ideal. In many tourneys’s they will include the option to “Add On,” this will require an additional add on cost, as will rebuys.

Rebuy and Add On Options

Rebuy and Add On’s are options that will permit you to make an equal investment to remain in the tournament by extending the amount of time you have left to play. Depending on the prize pool, this can be a wise investment.

A Rebuy is basically allowing you to start over with the hopes of increasing your positon in the tournament. When deciding to rebuy, your previous score will be reset to zero and you will be given the same amount of starting coins as your initial entry and will start with an equal amount of time. Your score at the end of the rebuy session will then be registered on the leaderboard.

An Add On will allow you to extend your time and ability to accumulate a higher score. Most tourneys will allow for as many as five add on’s, but this depends on the software and tournament in question. This can be an excellent option for big money tournaments as the amount available in the prize pools can at times be significant and can really see the investment you made payoff handsomely.

Playing an Online Slots Tournament

Online slot tournaments often are featured on the more popular slots that a casino offers, and will change month by month to ensure a variety of popular games can be enjoyed. This is advantageous as each slot has its own unique features and in doing so, you can see your positon in a tournament improve by hitting those features. When you begin playing, all players will receive an equal number of coins. It is up to you how much per spin you wish to wager, and this can be a minimum bet or maximum. Generally, most people will play max bet to maximise wins.

Your coin balance will be shown in one box, usually on the left side of the screen, and your winnings will be seen in a separate box. You will also be shown the amount of time you have to play, and the amount of time you have remaining to play. For the most part, this will be 10-15 minutes and will commence as soon as you begin playing. Once you coin balance reaches zero, you will need to either rebuy or add on, if offered. If neither is available in the particular tournament you registered for, then your current standing will be shown in the leaderboard.

Winning an Online Slots Tournament

Tournaments are generally fast paced. Most only offer you 15 minutes of play time, and the player with the highest score will be deemed the winner, however, most provide additional prize placements for 2nd through 10th place. Depending on the event and number of entrants, this can increase tenfold to allow winnings for players in the top 100 positions. This is a common practise with Microgaming tournaments as they offer monthly events that will award $1000 to the top 30 players.

In order to win, it is pretty simple. Score in the top paying positions and you will win a cash prize as outlined by the prize pool. In other words, play to win, do not play as if on a nice stroll through the park on a warm summer day! You coin winnings will never go down for a spin that does not result in a win, it only will increase as you hit winning spins, this is a big part of why most players will play max bet, it is strongly suggested you play in the dame manner in order to maintain an equal playing field.

Can online slots Tournament Put Lady Luck On Your Side?  

The answer is yes, they can and are a fantastic way to realize a potentially large payday for a small risk. An example of this is Microgaming’s monthly $30k tournament that can see you walk away with $1000 in winnings.  They offer a great mix of games, both slots, and blackjack and allow you extended gameplay for your deposit. So, really they should be considered, Casinos may prefer you spend time on the slots versus the tournaments, but these are a good option for those who like the thrill of competition and the potential for a big win.